Jamie Rynd

I’m a copywriter and content specialist from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been writing since I could first mash crayons onto wallpaper, but CTA’s, TOV and SEO joined my work life in 2012. 

Since then, I’ve worked with gigantic brands, scale-ups, organisations and agencies to clarify and convert often very complex needs into approachable, engaging content. 

My passion is collaborating with clients who seek to improve their audience's lives and play a role in the collective good. I take pride in paving an effortless path for your customers to get to know you, use your service, or buy your product. 

I bring hard-won experience and a digital-minded, human-focused content approach so your messaging lands right, on whichever platform your audience finds themselves.

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I could use so many adjectives and amazing words for working with Jamie! For the past four years, Jamie has been part of the editorial team for the Global News department at Ingka, creating stories that resonate with our co-workers around the world.
He’s easy-going, curious and approachable, his writing is clear, engaging, and always with the audience in mind. Jamie has been a true partner and fantastic to work with, and I am confident that others will find the same level of satisfaction in collaborating with him.

— Malin Lindgårdh,
    Communication Leader, Ingka Group    

As a client, I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie closely on various projects over the years, and I can confidently attest to his outstanding professionalism. Jamie possesses a rare combination of kindness, attentiveness, and an innate ability to understand the unique needs of his clients. What sets Jamie apart is his remarkable capacity to manage multiple tasks across different topics simultaneously, showcasing his versatility. He is an amazing writer.

— Clara Velasquez, 
     Communication Transformation Leader, IKEA

What I love about Jamie is his boundless energy and can-do attitude. His positive approach to work is an asset to any group and his unique life experience allows him to add insights others might often miss. He is quick to fit into a new team or work situation. On top of this, he is a very nice guy, bringing positive energy into any team in a way that contributes to and enhances the final result.

— Mike Crawshaw, 
    Copywriting Manager, ICOM    

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